Monday, 7 November 2016

Croatia with it's picture perfect coastal towns

View from the fortress on Hvar


Croatia could be described as the “new” Italy for Australian travellers. The people, the pace of life and the food are considered “similar but different”.  If you haven’t visited Croatia, it’s time to do so. There are many things to see and do. Here are a few places to consider, excluding the more popular destinations of Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar. Our small group tours Croatia take you here and 7 of the other Balkan countries.

Start your Crotia travel in the capital Zagreb.  It’s very cosmopolitan, has many museums and galleries to explore, restaurants are abundant and the main square always has something going on. If you like history, there’s plenty of it and a walking tour is a great way to see it, given its relatively small. 

The UNESCO listed Plitvice lakes are a must-see. It comprises of 16 lakes of various sizes, cascading into each other. The colour of the crystal clear water varies from lake to lake due to the varying levels of minerals and organisms. There are walking tracks around many of the lakes. Boats are also used to ferry you from lake to lake. Put simply it’s stunning. Your photos may not do justice to the natural beauty. 

Croatia is known for its beautiful Adriatic coast and her islands of which there are hundreds. For a great taste of island life, visit Hvar. It’s an easy day trip from Split by passenger ferry. Take a walk around the old town, up to the fort (for the fitter folks) and around the paths from the marina in both directions. Lunch could be at any one of dozens of great places to sit and watch the world go by. 

Finally, Mali Ston (small town) and its neighbour Ston are hidden gems. The small villages are renown for oysters and a boat tour sampling the region’s best is a must. Take a walk over the historic Walls of Ston, built in the 15th century. (Croatia’s mini version of China’s great wall). It’s a fairly simple 20 minute trek from one village to the other complete with fabulous views.  Croatia holidays should include many of the other Balkan countries

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Map of Balkans

Church in Trogir

The quaint village of Mali Ston

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