Monday, 28 November 2016

Bonifacio, Corsica - A wonder to behold


One of our best experiences was a day trip from St Teresa di Gallura on the northern tip of Sardinia on a ferry to Corsia, landing in Bonifacio in the extreme south. This was our only foray into France, and left us with a desire to explore Corsica more fully.  Blue Dot Travel's small group tours, now include 8 nights in Corsica.  Your Corsica visit includes the beautiful town of Bonifacio.

Bonifacio is approached between high cliffs of chalk-white limestone that have been sculptured into unusual shapes by the sea.  It's almost like a fjord, as the channel is only 200 metres wide, with a dog-leg hiding the small but vibrant port from view.

The town is dominated by an amazing citadel, high above the port.

A must do in Bonifacio is the King of Aragon stairway.  Legend has it that these were carved by the Aragonese in a single night in 1420 as a surprise attack. The steps however existed before then, probably used by locals to carry water to the citadel from a well that was discovered by monks. – walk down the 187 stairs to the bottom it is well worth the experience. Imagine carrying water up to the top!

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Travel to Corsica via a short ferry ride from Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia to Bonifacio

Bonifacio atop its Limestone Promontory

Bonifacio Citadel

Escalier du Roi d'Aragon

Kings Aragon Steps

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