Welcome to our new Blue Dot Travel blog.

We want to immerse you in the local food, history, culture and lifestyle of the unique places we visit. We want to showcase the must-see destinations along with the lesser known places and experiences by giving you enough information and lots of photos to whet your appetite. We’re passionate about travel and love to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with like-minded travellers.

Owners Kate and Brett Goulston, Brod Brennan & Joanne Coughlan are travel “tragics” and have visited hundreds of countries and thousands of towns, cities and villages around the world.

In case you were wondering where our name Blue Dot Travel came from?  The Pale Blue Dot is the name given to the photograph of Planet Earth taken from Voyager 1 in 1990. It is the furthest photo from planet Earth ever taken - an incredible 6.1 billion kilometres!  It seemed appropriate.

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the Blue Dot Travel team - (L-R) Brod, Marion, Joanne, Kate and Brett
Most of our blog posts are written by our Team at Blue Dot Travel.

A trained journalist and avid traveller who returns from a trip and then packs for the next!  
Next trip: Morocco
Margaret in Patagonia

A travel blogger and amateur photographer who has a passion for textiles and unearthing unique treasures from around the world.
Next trip: Sri Lanka
Gemma in Harar, Ethiopia.

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