Monday, 29 January 2018

Nalychevo National Park - Kamchatka - Far East Russia

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Lonely Planet claims one of the most accessible attractions for hearty independent travellers is this nature park encompassing lovely Nalychevo Valley and the twelve volcanoes (four active) that surround it.  It earned its UNESCO World Heritage Site listing due to its natural beauty and offers visitors hidden thermal and mineral springs, comfortable walking tracks, magnificent mountain views, a main base area with accommodation of new huts/chalets, a camping area, information centre and museum, plus armed Park Rangers who maintain the pristine area and act as protection against the (supposed) many brown bears.  

The water of the natural thermal and mineral springs gives health, energy and quite simply, puts people in a good mood. Mind you, we were already in a positive frame of mind after our helicopter arrival when on settling in to our digs, we were pleased to have our own basic but clean huts nestled in a perfect place to hibernate in warmth during the snow season.  We had our own dining area and a lady who had specially come with us on the helicopter had the important task of feeding us.  She excelled with all the meals that included salmon, caviar, fresh salads, chocolates and more.  

There are no showers here but who needed them?  We had several walks through low fields of flowers to the river and the three thermal pools where we all swam.  Our guide smeared what looked like slime on her face and assured us it was good for the skin but we all decided we were past looking beautiful and left her to it. 

With the fresh air, wonderful scenery and our small compatible group of travellers we enjoyed many a stroll through the floral fields, taking the time to stop along the way and look for special flowers, pick berries and mushrooms and take photos.  

It's hard to describe the rare beauty of this place and the feeling of good fortune in having experienced it first hand, truly out in the middle of nowhere. And while doing nothing particularly exceptional, we all relished the privilege of experiencing nature at its very best in such a rare and remote setting.  

Our next Blue Dot Travel adventure to this wonderful place is in August 2019.  Interested?  click here for more information.  

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