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Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid - the oldest lake in Europe

Church of St John looking onto the lake

By Brett Goulston 

There’s often confusion when Macedonia is discussed. This is because there are two Macedonia’s depending on who you talk to. There’s Macedonia the small, independent country on the Balkan Peninsula which was part of the former Yugoslavia. And there’s Macedonia, a northern region of Greece. The issue over the naming of the country goes back a long way. Even today you might see the country called FYROM on a map - an acronym for Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. 

Macedonia – the country – is a beautiful, mountainous, land-locked nation with sophisticated cities and ancient rural villages. The fact that it’s less than half the size of Tasmania means it’s easy to get around. The people are generally very friendly and happy to chat with the tourists. If you like your history, then you will not be disappointed.  Most of the great empires in the region came and conquered at some stage leaving their mark.  

The highlight and the most popular place for both holidaying locals and overseas tourists, is without doubt, the stunning Lake Ohrid. This 350 square km lake is thought to be among the oldest lakes in the world. A boat trip on the deep blue surface is a must and for just a few euros, you can explore the shore around the main township.   

The main cobble stoned street of the township seems to go on for ever and is lined with restaurants, cafes and shops. Allow at least an hour to stroll, more if you like to sit and watch the world go by (like me).    

Samuel’s fortress in the old town is definitely worth a visit. It was built in the 10th century by the Bulgarian rulers of the time. The town has many churches including the beautiful Church of St. John, originally built in the 15th century but recently renovated. There’s also an ancient Hellenistic theatre that dates back to 200BC! Even today it is still used for various public performances.  

My best advice is at least two days. Try and get to a cultural performance whilst you are there. Traditional dance and song is taught to the school children and their performances are very up lifting.  

Blue Dot Travel visits Lake Ohrid on our tour of the Balkan Counties. Click here for a detailed itinerary which includes your trip to Macedonia. 

Macedonia location on map

Brett Goulston from Blue Dot Travel enjoying the view of the lake

View from Samuel's Fortress

Orhid's Ancient Theatre

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